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I’ve been dealing with the awful effects nature inflicts on us as we age and one of the worse parts is the hormonal imbalance we women have to deal with. So it is because of this fact of life  that has caused me not only to experience emotional imbalance but, also a physical imbalance as well such as dry, wrinkling, & spotting skin that I have made it a personal quest to find those products that are natural, cruelty free, & leaning more towards organic ingredients. So with the help of google and personal suggestions from friends and family I reached out to companies whom I felt were right up there with the Holy Grail and most assuredly products that should be classified as the Cream of the Crop when it comes to cosmetics & beauty supplements for our faces, hair, & body which will encompass everything from facial and body creams to nutritional supplements, bars, & powders. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that most of the companies I wrote to request samples from were very generous and I’m truly grateful for that fact because, there is no way I could afford to pay for all the different products I felt had the most promise.

So in the spirit of my always competitive personality I’ve decided to do a monthly versus blog, where I will pit one companies product against another i.e BioRepublic vs Patchology! BTW the owners of these two companies have been very generous in supplying me with ample samples of their products. I’m also trying to get product from a company called SkinPrint  they specialize in innovative technology and have products that now contain stem cells, the company I decided to use to go up against SkinPrint is another company that’s called LifeLine and they also use stem cells in their products! So I will most definitely be able to do a comparison article and depending on how much information is out there I not only plan to talk about the products but, try to look into the history & creators behind them which I think is super fascinating!

I’m super excited to go on this quest and I hope that my revelations will not only help the companies who so graciously have given me samples to try but, also you the consumer because, I promise you I am a super down to earth and honest woman so if I say something is good or bad you can pretty much take that to the bank as I will always give my honest opinion and besides being given the samples there is absolutely nothing in it for me except hopefully as I stated earlier finding those products that I believe are a gift from the gods and as close to ambrosia as a person can get. Plus the fact that they’re cruelty free and lean towards a more organic approach is a win win for me! As you can see from Mr. Bunny and all the logos surrounding him there are quite a few companies whom are dedicated to this practice. Also the logos you see here are a just few of the companies who so graciously said yes to my request when I asked if I could get samples! So a big shout out to them for their generous hearts! I hope to be able to add even more later on.

bunny-with-company-logos REVISED

Well I think that gives you an idea of where I’m headed with this blog. Thanks for reading and stay tuned as I’m still waiting on products to arrive and if you have any requests of companies products you would like me to do a VS. on please feel free to send me your request in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do!

Thanks & Have A Great Day!


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Don’t ask me how this came to be. I am as amazed as everyone else is. I mean this is a blessing and I feel so humbled that I was chosen for this campaign. It was a little nerve wracking waiting to receive this Influenster L’Oreal Revitalift VoxBox because, somehow it managed to get stuck somewhere for 9 days while all my teammates on my business page all got theirs. So needless to say I was a bit frantic thinking it would never get here. I just started this campaign so I will update as things progress.

I am now starting my second week of the L’Oreal Revitalift Volume Filler campaign and so far I haven’t noticed any significant changes but, that doesn’t mean they will not happen. I’ve tried products for 2 to 3 weeks with no results then on the 4th week bam out of nowhere it’s totally evident that the products do indeed do what they say. It’s still too early for me to give my opinion of the individual products themselves but, I will say that the serums seem to absorb very quickly and don’t leave any type of sticky residue once they’ve absorbed and dried into the skin. After I wash my face I make sure to put each one on in this order and wait in between for each one to absorb and dry before I apply the next one.


  1. Eye Treatment
  2. Daily Re-volumizing concentrated serum
  3. Daily Re-Volumizing Moisturizer


  1. Eye Treatment
  2.  Night Cream

I will also quickly note that I like the consistency, feel and smell of the Night Cream but, it never fully absorbs into my skin and kind of leaves a goopy feeling so as I am writing this I’m thinking as I start my second week I will try to use the Night Cream more sparingly. Guess that’s all for now. I will report in again for week 3 next Sunday!. #AskSkinExpert 😉

Ok my weekly report isn’t due yet but, I just had to pop back in because, I was just noticing that the dark circles and puffiness under my eyes..has started to disappear after only 12 days of daily use! So I got excited and had to dash over here to blog about it! lol  So I’ve been putting the REVITALIFT VOLUME FILLER REPLENISH UNDEREYE HOLLOWS REDUCE SUNKEN SHADOWS FIRM EYE CONTOUR both morning and at bedtime. Pretty exciting and unexpected results because my dark circles and puffy eyes are the first thing I notice. Now if it would just get rid of the wrinkles on my neck and around my mouth I will be even happier! 🙂1455251655207screensave

So I just finished up week 3 and I must say other than my eyes looking like the dark circles have faded. I am not seeing a tremendous amount of improvement. I was hoping maybe it would help with a bit of sagging skin that I am starting to notice is mixed in with the deep wrinkles but, I am happy that at least it’s helping with the bags and circles I have under my eyes.

While I am here checking in I wanted to mention how much I love the feel and look of their L’Oreal RevitaLift Volume Filler Night Cream! I love the mild scent of it too sort of has a honeysuckle or jasmine scent but, it’s not over powering or anything like that and the best part about it is that it’s not super greasy like some night creams can be, you know the ones I am talking about! Plus a little goes a long ways! Another week to go and I will report in again. We only have 16 days left of this campaign and due to my box getting lost for 9 days I am way behind schedule but, hopefully as I stated in my first paragraph I will have some more positive results!





1453430260129screensave - Copy


Influenster just the name alone is a mouth full and at first look it’s a very intimidating platform that they use. You have lists, snaps, badges and all these new things to discover. It’s taken me probably about 2.5 months to finally start getting the hang of the important stuff but, trust me I still have a long ways to go.

What’s interesting to me is how I went from being annoyed with the company to feeling this un-explainable pull. It’s true I went from finding this site to be tedious and boring to all of a sudden wanting to make lists do snaps and work on images for lists. Right now the #contest list is #NewYearFaves. So far I’ve only added two items to my list because, the actual really cool stuff I’ve discovered in the first weeks of the new year 2016 are not in their data base. I’m still trying to figure out how to do that because, I think I have so much to offer.

They really need to know about ERZO’s prenatal biscuits that you will want to eat whether you are pregnant or not.





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