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on December 3, 2015

I’ve been a faithful Amazonian for many years but, in the recent few months I’ve started comparing prices between #Ebay & #Amazon and I’ve discovered something and that is that a lot of the same merchandise is a lot less expensive at #Ebay then at #Amazon! The other major difference is that most of the items found on #Ebay ships for free! Last night I decided I needed a postage scale & printing labels to make my life a bit easier. So of course I logged into #Amazon first but, after just a few minutes of browsing their scales I realized between the actual cost for the item and then the cost of shipping it added up to way more than I wanted to spend. Sooo I decided to give #Ebay a shot and what I happily discovered is that they had all sorts of nice affordable scales for sale with #FREE   shipping I ended up going with an 80lb scale from #“ever*hotbuy” because, the same exact scale was the same price at #Amazon ,except that #Amazon was using that free shipping with a $35.00 purchase or more while #Ebay was completely #FREE shipping! So I saved myself about $8.00 by shopping at #Ebay! The same goes with another purchase of Mango butter that I made it turned out that #Ebay was about $15.00 cheaper then #Amazon! From now on I plan to always do a price check between #Amazon & #Ebay and I would advise you to do the same because it’s not some little bit of change in difference it’s a good chunk of change! ACCUCHECK 80 LB SCALE


3 responses to “BYE BYE AMAZON HELLO EBAY!

  1. Brittainey says:

    I love this! You’re absolutely right I’ve also found the same savings by using ebay! It may only be $8 but at the end of the year as many times as we shop online we could save thousands!!! Thanks for your review! 🙂

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  2. marcelle says:

    Thanks I saw the same thing in eBay. I gonna create a account


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